Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pecan crusted walleye

Felt daring and hungry one day and found some freshwater walleye on

Some fun things about this dish:
1. You get to use that side burner you've probably never used.
Cooking fish in butter can stink up the house and can be messy.
2. Fish is good and good for you but I think most people are
apprehensive about cooking new things. Trust me, it is easy; just
relax and have fun. Buy good fish though as it is safer and healthier.
3. It looks impressive and tastes delicious. The pecans get candied in
the butter with the sugary syrup.

Salt and pepper then cover with a thin layer of real maple syrup. In
a pan, melt butter and heat to medium. Roll the walleye in crushed
pecans (meat side only) then sear in the pan. Once seared, finish on
the grill (indirect medium heat) until meat easily flakes off but be
careful not to overcook. One trick, cook a small tester piece first
to get your method down. Fish gets a bad reputation because it is too
often over-cooked by over-cautious chefs.

One last thought... A maple mayo might be nice with this. I'd suggest
a 1:5 ratio of maple syrup:mayo. Maybe a little lemon and some salt
too.. Let me know if you try it.

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