Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet mustard mayo shrimp

Here's another original and party favorite at the Harris house. The
ingredients are approximate ratios.

Fire up the grill to medium...

Sauce: combine the following...
1/2 cup mayo (I usually use light. Don't use fat free.)
2 tbs dijon mustard
2 tbs maple syrup (I used to use honey but one day when we ran out I
substituted and loved the unique flavor. Thanks to Jamie Schnur I have
a massive jar of REAL maple syrup made by his mom and dad; Dawn and
Bob Dalton of Hemlock MI. Liquid gold!!!)
1 tbs minced garlic

Add soy sauce for an Asian flair...

Salt and pepper raw peeled/de-veined shrimp.

Grill the shrimp until about half done over direct medium heat,
rotating frequently. When the tails start turning more red but the
bodies are still slightly "clear", move the shrimp away from the
direct heat. Generously coat the shrimp on both sides and allow to
finish cooking so that the sauce bakes on and shrimp are a nice white
color all the way through.

Before removing from grill, sprinkle fresh lemon over the top.

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